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Traditional Liposuction in New York

What is liposuction?

Liposuction, also referred to as lipectomy, is a highly popular procedure designed to rid the body of its stubborn, unwanted fat, the kind that is notoriously resistant to dieting and exercise. This excess fat can disfigure the body, distorting the silhouette and causing clothing to fit quite poorly. It can also cause low self-confidence and even depression and anxiety.

While our New York lipo procedure can significantly improve contours, slimming, toning and streamlining the physique, it is not considered a weight loss technique or a method of removing cellulite, and this point should be clear in the client’s mind. The best candidates for lipo are within 10-15 lbs of their ideal weight with no major medical problems.

Liposuction is excellent for treating…

  • Stomach
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Arms
  • Ankles
  • Knees
  • Neck
  • Chin
  • Waist
  • Back

How does liposuction work?

Liposuction is accomplished through the use of a slender tube known as a cannula which is inserted into the troublesome fatty regions through small, inconspicuous incisions made by the surgeon. The fat is suctioned out, leaving the surrounding skin, muscle and nerves intact. Lipo can generally flush out up to 5 or 6 pounds of unwanted fat.

Different types of lipo

In recent years, a variety of alternatives to traditional liposuction have come available, each with its unique advantages and disadvantages. These include ultrasonic lipo, which relies on sound wave power; SmartLipo, or laser lipo; tumescent lipo, in which an anesthetic-based solution is injected prior to suctioning; power assisted lipo (PAL) which uses a motorized cannula; and super wet lipo.

Some of these techniques reduce treatment time, minimize bruising and post-operative discomfort, and may be better suited for large volume fat removal. Dr. Scarpidis can discuss each in depth during your confidential consultation to see which style of lipo works best for your body type and personal goals.

What happens during the procedure?

Traditional lipo is usually performed under general anesthesia, IV sedation or in some cases, local anesthesia. Your treatment will last 1-4 hours, and this is dependent upon how many areas are being treated, how much fat needs to be removed, and on the type of lipo pursued.

Dr. Scarpidis will use a surgical pen to first outline the targets to be suctioned. He will then create small, indistinguishable incisions and will thread the cannula through these openings. If a wet liposuction method is used, he will inject the body with a solution that works to break the fat up before suctioning begins.

Once all the fat has been removed, the doctor will close the incisions with fine sutures, and send the patient to the recovery suite.

What happens during recovery?

Thanks to Dr. Scarpidis’ conservative incisions and minimally invasive technique, NYC lipo clients tend to enjoy a swift and pleasant recovery. After treatment, the doctor will place drains to excise the excess fluids, and will also prescribe a compression garment, which is worn to reduce swelling and to help maintain your excellent body contouring results.

Rest assured, Dr. Scarpidis will provide you with an in-depth aftercare plan, outlining directions for resuming exercise, sleeping, showering and taking pain medications. In general, patients can hope to return to work and normal duties within 7-10 days.

Why Dr. Scarpidis?

When undergoing liposuction, choosing a qualified, board certified plastic surgeon is mandatory. Choosing one that also has a highly honed eye for artistry and anatomical proportions can take your results to the next level. Dr. Scarpidis has been delivering exceptional, natural-looking outcomes to his New York clients for years, and has become one of the most trusted names in body sculpting in the region.

In addition to his skill, training and experience, Dr. Scarpidis is known for his contributions to medical science in the field of liposuction research. He regularly presents these findings at industry conferences, seminars and networking events and in peer-reviewed literature.

Where does treatment take place?

All liposuction procedures are performed at our accredited outpatient medical center at Scarpidis Aesthetics. This private, luxurious facility boasts state-of-the-art equipment and technology, along with high-end, climate controlled reception areas and tranquil recovery suites.

Dr. Scarpidis has assembled a team of RN’s, medical assistant and technicians that are each a specialist in their field, and are committed to delivering an outstanding patient experience in a safe, elegant setting.

The consultation

Treatment begins with a confidential consultation in Dr. Scarpidis’ welcoming Manhattan office suites in Midtown. During this session, he can answer all your questions in detail, going over costs, risks, benefits, recovery and more.

The doctor will examine your trouble zones, review your medical history and previous cosmetic procedures, and begin to formulate your unique treatment plan. Viewing before and after photographs of previous clients is also part of the consultation and will help you to better imagine what is possible with liposuction.

Schedule a consultation

If you’re ready to rejuvenate your appearance so you can look and feel your very best, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Scarpidis today. During your private meeting in his midtown office, Dr. Scarpidis will thoroughly discuss your cosmetic goals, concerns and desires, before outlining a customized treatment plan designed to address the issues that concern you most. From there, he will guide you through making an informed decision that is in your best interest and will result in the precise aesthetic enhancements you desire.

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