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Liposuction Overview

Liposuction is one of the leading cosmetic procedures in the United States and is considered to be highly safe and effective for both younger and older clients. Its aim is to remove that pesky layer of fat that can be infuriatingly resistant to dieting and exercise. It is not considered a weight loss method, although the result is often a slimmer, more shapely physique and improved self-confidence.

Listed below are many alternatives to traditional liposuction, and Dr. Scarpidis has mastered these in order to present his patients with the most personalized and nuanced results possible. During your confidential consultation for liposuction in New York, he will work with you to decide on the best option for your goals.


SmartLipo refers to the addition of laser technology to the conventional lipo procedure. The penetrating and potent laser heat gently emulsifies the layers of fat, making them extremely easy to flush out and remove. The laser pulses also trigger the body to produce more collagen, a natural protein that is responsible for skin resilience, youthfulness and radiance. The result is that not only is the body trimmed, slenderized and contoured, but the skin is beautifully tightened and toned with laser liposuction.

SmartLipo can be ideal for treating the more muscle-bound regions of the torso such as the male chest and back because it can cut through the fibers with ease, leaving the surrounding tissue and nerves completely intact. Conversely, laser lipo is also excellent for addressing the delicate areas of the face, chin and neck that require greater precision and detail.

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Tumescent liposuction

The word tumescent refers to the swollen, firm state of the skin after injection with a special solution prior to suctioning out the fat cells via cannula. This solution is made up of lidocaine and epinephrine, which both reduce patient discomfort and minimize blood loss, leading to a reduction in bruising as well as downtime. The tumescent solution makes the fat easier to target, and facilitates greater accuracy in the procedure.

With tumescent lipo, no general anesthesia or IV sedation is needed, as the topical anesthetic is built into the fluids injected. This means patients can go home the same day as their treatment. A compression garment may be worn to help reduce any post-operative swelling, and to help the body retain its new, improved shape.

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Ultrasonic liposuction

Ultrasonic lipo is one of the newest and most exciting advancements in the liposuction arena. During this procedure, gentle yet directed sound waves work to loosen and break up the fat cells prior to suctioning with the cannula. This greatly reduces the vigorousness that usually accompanies manual liposuction, thus reducing bruising and with it, client downtime. Rest assured that the ultrasonic waves do not damage any surrounding skin cells, tissue, nerves or muscle. They simply target the fatty deposits and help to emulsify them for easy, efficient removal.

The use of ultrasound with the traditional liposuction approach helps to greatly reduce both treatment time and recovery time, cutting down on the risk of complications, and making the entire patient experience more enjoyable. With ultrasonic lipo, no general anesthesia or IV sedation is required. Rather a numbing solution is first injected prior to suctioning and this ensures client comfort throughout the length of treatment and into the early stages of recuperation.

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Super wet liposuction

Super wet lipo is similar to tumescent liposuction in that it relies on an injected anesthetic-based fluid to help flush out the fat faster, and to help reduce bruising and post-operative pain. With the super wet technique, less fluid is used in an amount equal to the displaced fat. Because less anesthetic is injected, super wet lipo will require general anesthesia or IV sedation, thus the recovery process is slightly more involved.

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Power assisted liposuction

This form of lipo, also referred to as PAL, makes use of a motorized cannula that gently yet effectively suctions out unwanted fat deposits. The vibrations of the cannula uniformly break up fat cells, making them far easier to transport out of the body. PAL is also considered to produce more precision in terms of results, and can be used to target the more delicate areas of the body. Because there is less manual manipulation, power assisted lipo results in a quicker recovery process and minimized discomfort.

Just like with tumescent liposuction, a numbing solution is injected into the skin prior to the suctioning process. This ensures client comfort, and it also reduces blood loss and bruising. The entire fat loss process is accelerated with PAL and because there is no general anesthesia or IV sedation, clients can go home the same day.

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Non-surgical body contouring with SculpSure

SculpSure represents a revolutionary approach to fat loss that relies on potent laser energy and is entirely non-invasive, eliminating the risk of complications as well as downtime. The gentle laser heat targets stubborn blocks of fat, permanently eradicating them while preserving the health of surrounding healthy tissue.

SculpSure also boosts the production of collagen and elastin, two of the body’s primary proteins responsible for the skin’s resilience and youthfulness. The result is that you not only lose the fat, you also get toned, tightened and glowing skin that radiates beauty.

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